Bromide Powder Exporter, Bromide Compound Manufacturer, Calcium Bromide Powder
Ammonium Bromide Powder Supplier, Potassium Bromide Powder India, Sodium Bromide powder

We are one of the leading exporters of bromide compounds in India. Our product range includes calcium bromide liquid, ammonium bromide, potassium bromide and sodium bromide powder . Our products have high purity level and precise composition, apart from that we offer them at very affordable price rates hence are preferred in the international countries.

Gulf Countries:

Gulf Countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait frequently imports our products for their valuable industrial work applications. They find that our products very commendable because of the highly accurate results offered when used.

African Countries:

African nations like Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Algeria and Egypt choose our products because they are of high quality and low in price.